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About us

  • Company profile

    Hubei han families, new technology co., LTD

    ·Was founded1997Years,Since the create;

    ·Adhere to the road of the enterprise of science and technology,
      Through the implementation“Development of collectivization、Leading technology、Business capital
      And market internationalization”The operation strategy,Has now developed into a
      Home output value over one hundred million yuan……

  • The chairman delivered a speech

    People-oriented,The user is supreme

    ·The han people in the sea and the cross flow、The tide of national take-off...
      Mr Holder、Innovation、High quality、Affinity——Win-win situation;

    ·The runway、The runoff in dry,To hope for a self growth
      Learn self beyond the world famous enterprises and make unremitting efforts。

  • Video center

    Hubei han families, new technology co., LTD

    ·The source of technology for the development,The quality is the foundation of the foothold;

    ·Pursues“People-oriented,The user is supreme”Our tenet,Who is
      Thin hair,The initial style。